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Sometimes, it may be overgrown and hard to see, but there is always a path forward.

This is a picture I took at the river behind my grandparents house. One of my favorite places in the world. We spent New Year’s Eve out there (well, we made it until 10pm before heading home… midnight is late these days). It was a good time.

I can't believe this is my last picture for my 2010 photo of the day project. I have made it through a year of taking a photo every day. I feel like it is a huge accomplishment. I am very happy I did this project. It has helped me focus more on photography and photograph many things I would not have before this project. I am hoping to continue this in the coming year, though I may implement some changes. Such as, I may allow filler shots, for days when I have more than one photo I would like to share, or I go back and process some of the hundreds of unprocessed files I have sitting on my computer. 2011 is looking like it may be a challenging year. I am hoping by continuing to focus on photography and the joy it brings me, I can keep a more positive attitude. We will see if that works. Hope you all have a wonderful 2011!

And here are a few more photos from the day.

Here is a slide show of all my 2010 photos of the day. Enjoy!


photo of the day

The little dude. He is such a poser!


photo of the day

Just a little Nutty!


photo of the day

This is a rock that I have in my office. I always wanted to take a picture of it lit from behind. So, today, I did.


photo of the day

This is some homemade ice cream made with a little ice cream maker my mom got for Christmas from her employer.


photo of the day

This is a hibiscus flower that comes packaged with syrup. My brother and I put it in a glass with some champagne. Made for a pretty drink. And it tasted good too!

And one more.


photo of the day

his is my favorite part of Christmas morning. When it is still dark, and all the pretty presents are under the tree. And the stockings are full (though you can't see that in this picture).

You can see the stocking in this picture though.


photo of the day

Packing up the presents to bring with us to the family.


photo of the day

More presents.

(Stil catching up on my posting.)


photo of the day

Little girl kitty.


photo of the day

Still not done wrapping.



photo of the day

Wrapping presents.

(Yes, I am behind on my project and catching up.)


photo of the day

The little dude.


photo of the day

I looked over and saw him like this, with 3 feet coming out of the side of his head.I thought he looked funny, so I took a picture.


photo of the day

Another one of the little guy. They way his mouth and lips are, it always looks like he is smiling. This picture kind of captures that. He loves my white fluffy blanket.


photo of the day

The little dude. Just hanging out by the window.


photo of the day

You really can buy anything on Amazon! My kitty loves the fact that I did almost all of my Christmas shopping online this year. So many boxes to play with. Now that I have started wrapping presents, he is even happier (so is our girl kitty). He is pretty sure the only reason I put ribbon on the packages is so he can chew them off. So, hopefully my friends and family won't mind presents with slightly chewed ribbons.


photo of the day

Little blue mushroom guy got a new friend. Litte red mushroom guy. I think they will get along quite well.


photo of the day

This is Chica (freaka). She is my parents other cat. She is older, about 10 years I think, and she can be a bit cranky. She doesn't like their new kitties (Pancho and my brother's cat Pedra) very much, but she does like lounging on the window sill. I took this photo with natural light (ISO 1600) and I just love the lighting.

I also took some pictures of more Christmas tree ornaments, since I am going home today and I don't have an Christmas tree at my house for photographing.


photo of the day

Every year since about the late 90’s, my parents buy my brother and I a Christmas tree ornament (or 2) each year. This is one of my ornaments for this year. It is fitting because I have lots of crazy knee high socks.

And a couple other shots.


photo of the day

I went down to my parents today to decorate the tree and hang out there for the weekend. This is their cat, who you might remember from pics earlier this year. He always lays on his back.

And some more.

And this one I thought was too funny.


photo of the day

My little dude again. Just hanging out by the window.


photo of the day

Another one of my little dude. I know I have been postlng a lot of cat shots. It is partially due to it being winter time and there are no flowers in the garden and it gets dark shortly after I get off work, and partially due to the fact that I am having an issue with back/leg pain that has been going on over a month now. So, I am really not able to walk/stand for too long, and the kitties are always handy.


photo of the day

My little dude. I can always count on him to pose for me.


photo of the day

This is an old Kodak film canister. I don't know how old, all I remember are the plasict ones, but my dad seemed to remember this kind of film canisiter. In any case, I think it is pretty neat.


photo of the day

Don't let the cat out of the bag! At our house, it is more a challenge to keep the cat out of the bag. If we put a bag down for him he will crawl in it instantly, then, sometimes, he will sleep there all day.


photo of the day

We went for a drive today up Mount Baker/Mount Shuksan. It was a beautiful day in the snow covered mountains.

And another one, but I clipped the top of the mountain. Too bad.


photo of the day

More flower play.


photo of the day

The little dude.



photo of the day

My little girl.


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