2011 photo of the day : day 69

[NOTE: I seemed to have misplaced the memory card with my photos from March 4th to March 9th on it during our move. At least I am hoping that is the case and I didn’t accidently delete them. I am missing one memory card, so it that is what is on it when I find it. I know I took them. I will update these dates as soon as I find it. Until then, I am continuing my catching up with March 10th]

Still finishing some painting at our new place and preparing to move from the old place. Today I took a picture of what I call “my little man necklace.” Last June after our kitty Shadow was fatally hit by a car, I ordered a necklace with a photograph I had taken engraved on it. I ordered it from http://www.ilovephotogifts.com/ during my grieving because I wanted to make sure I always remembered him, given that he was with us such a short time. It took awhile to actually arrive, but I wear it most days. It has the words “My Little Man” engraved on the back. I still miss my boy very much (I have a tear in my eye as I type this), but I so grateful that I got to have him in my life. He brought us many smiles.

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