2011 photo of the day : day 58

Today was another day of working on the house. And another day of taking a picture of the tulips when I got back home.

Note: As I write this the day is 3/20, which means I am playing some major catch up here. I have been taking my daily photos, but since we got the keys to the house, we have basically been working on the house, painting the house, packing, moving, cleaning, unpacking, etc… So, I am going to be getting caught up on my project, processing and posting all my pictures over the next week (or two).


2011 photo of the day : day 57

Yesterday, we got the keys to the house we are buying. I still have to sign the final paperwork, probably early next week, but we got the keys early so we can do some work on it prior to moving in (it is bank owned and not occupied). So, this morning, I thought I would take a picture of the key to commemorate the occasion.

And one of my Nutty girl.


20110 photo of the day : day 56

Another tulip close up. I love these flowers.


2011 photo of the day : day 55

Took a picture of the tulips today in the sunlight streaming in through the window.




2011 photo of the day : day 52

The kitties were on the bed enjoying the sunshine, so I decided to grab the camera. Got this one of the little dude staring me down.


2011 photo of the day : day 51

Another one of the tulips. I love tulips.


2011 photo of the day : day 50

Today my parents came up and finally got to see the house we will be getting next month (closing date is March 1st). It was a beautiful sunny day. They brought me some pretty orange tulips, so of course, that is what I chose for my photo of the day.


2011 photo of the day : day 49

Wasn’t sure what to take a picture of today. The cats were not being cooperative at all. Wasn’t really in a flower mood. So, I was sitting in my office with my camera, just looking around at what I could photograph (something with a cool texture or interesting colors or something), and I saw the reflection of my hold my camera in a little mirror I have in the office. Kind of thought it was interesting, so I played around with some straight down the lens shots. This is what I came up with. A self portrait of sorts.

2011 photo of the day : day 48

Took another picture of my flower bouquet today. Not sure what this is, but I liked the pattern of the leaves.

And a couple pictures of the kitties to remind everyone to take time to smell the flowers. (They like helping me with picture time).


2011 photo of the day : day 47

A picture of a pretty red flower.


2011 photo of the day : day 46

So, I always tell myself that I need to ensure there is variety in my 365 project. Not just flowers and cats. Then, I remember, that this is my project, and my pets are a big part of my life (and I love photographing flowers). There are still many days left in this year, and I am sure there will be lots of things in my project that are not cats or flowers. But sometimes, it is going to be cats and flowers, and I am okay with that. Our girl kitty is harder for me to get a photograph of, as she is not always what I call cooperative. Little Dude, on the other hand, seems to play it up for the camera. I start trying to take pictures and he flops about and poses (not all the time, but a lot of time). I couldn’t resist take some photos of him sleeping in the sun again. He started flopping all around, and this is what I ended up with.


2011 photo of the day : day 45

Happy Valentine’s Day! (Yes, I know it was earlier this week, but I am playing catch-up). Thought I should take a picture of some kind of heart today, to be on theme with the holiday. I decided to use the pretty little candle holder my grandmother brought me back from Sweden. Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s day.


2011 photo of the day : day 44

Today we worked on some things at the house we are in the process of purchasing. There were a few minor things that need to be done before closing (per the FHA appraiser). We got most of the list done thanks to the help of our old roommate (especially since I am in more of a moral support type of role given that I am still recovering from the surgery and still have lifting and other restrictions). We just have a few things to finish up. Took a picture of the flowers again, because they are still pretty. This time I focused on the carnations.


2011 photo of the day : day 43

My flowers (with the exception of some of the lilies which have already wilted) are still looking pretty. Playing with some close ups of the lily petals.


2011 photo of the day : day 42

I take many pictures of my little gray dude. Sometimes he looks relaxed, sometimes he looks wild, sometimes he looks handsome (I have had people say), sometimes though, he just looks like the little dork I know he is inside. I find it very amusing that he often (and I mean often) sits in chairs or on couches as if he is human. It makes him look funny. We got a new chair and he loves it. If you are sitting in it and get up, he will quickly swoop in and take your seat. And often times you return to find him sitting like this. My little dude.


2011 photo of the day : day 41

Today I had my first post op appointment. I am still having some pain in my leg. Not anywhere near as bad as before. And, according to the surgeon, I am doing really well. He said that some people are actually worse off at this point. He gave me some stretches to do, and I still have lifting restrictions, but I am on the road to recovery. My picture for today is of the little dude again. He was soaking up the sunshine and relaxing… something he is very good at.


2011 photo of the day : day 40

Lilies are still looking good. Had to grab another picture. Love them.


2011 photo of the day : day 39

Today we went for a short drive. It was a beautiful day, and it felt good to get out of the house. This was taken at what I call ‘the pullout’ on HWY 9. A very photographed spot. But it always looks different and I love it.


2011 photo of the day : day 38

Look… it is not a lily. It is little dude. My little kitty model. I can always count on him to pose for me.


2011 photo of the day : day 37

Another lily picture. What can I say? They are so pretty. And there are so many different ways to photograph. Thanks again to my aunt and uncle for the beautiful bouquet.


2011 photo of the day : day 36

I really love taking close ups of lily bits. And since I still have pretty lilies around, I am taking advantage of that.


2011 photo of the day : day 35

Yup. Another picture of the flowers. I love having pretty flowers this time of year (since there are not really any outside… soon though!).


2011 photo of the day : day 34

Another picture of my beautiful flowers. This is a super close up of a lily part.


2011 photo of the day : day 33

Today, I unexpectedly received a get well soon bouquet from my aunt and uncle (and WCFD #14). They were on my doorstep when we got back from the bank (we were meeting with the loan officer about the house it looks like we are going to buy… exciting… and scary). It was a wonderful surprise to have such beautiful flowers waiting for me.


2011 photo of the day : day 32

Happy February! Yes, this is a picture of a cheese grater. I was in the kitchen, looking for something to photograph, and thought, why not a cheese grater. So there you have it.

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