2011 photo of the day : day 114

I spend the day out at my aunt’s house for Easter with my family. I was a fun time. Good to see everyone, as I have been fairly wrapped up in all the stuff going on in my life (back surgery, buying a house, stressful work environment, Jeff’s back surgery, etc…) and have gone way too long without seeing everybody. We managed to get the Easter egg hunt in before the rain came. We had an excellent meal and a wonderful time. I especially enjoyed photographing the Easter egg hunt and little Shiloh, who was posing it up for me. My photo of the day is a photo of her shoes, they were just TOO cute, and a perfect photo of the day for Easter.

But, of course, I have MANY more pictures from the day. Mostly of the Easter egg hunt and Shiloh (and Cole when he got there). Sorry, but I guess the adults are just not as fun to photograph. Plus, Shiloh also brought 2 costume changes (I didn’t see anybody else with that level of commitment to the photos).

First Shiloh posed for me on the front porch.

Then, I tried to get Lucas to pose for me. It didn’t seem to work too well.

So, I went back to Shiloh.

Then, I think Luke got jealous, because he got in the posing spirit. He even put a dandelion behind his ear for the picture.

Then it was time for the Easter Egg Hunt! Olivia caught on quickly that Easter egg hunting in this family can get competitive.

Then Shiloh “Found One!”

Luke found one and he and Olivia keep looking.

Shiloh “Found One!” (This is the expression she proudly exclaimed after each egg as she posed for a picture). Kevin found one too. He did not seem to want to hold it up and pose for a picture though.

Olivia continues to look, meanwhile, Shiloh “Found One!”

Everybody’s looking.

Shiloh “Found One!” (twice)

Olivia looks sad, meanwhile, Kevin and Lucas discuss the finer point of Easter egg hunting. (Lucas seems to be holding on to his eggs very tightly).

Kevin and Luke’s discussion gets a little crazy.

Oh, and Shiloh “Found One!” And that concluded the Easter egg hunt.

Or so we thought….. There was some controversy over $5 and an egg possibly still being outside containing this said $5. So, the "kids" (due to the lack of young children, anyone 21 years and younger was allowed to participate in the hunt) were off and running.

They were given solid information that said egg was in this barrel.

Lucas isn’t playing fair.

While Oliva tries to get Lucas back, Kevin walks away a winner, with said $5 egg in his hand.

Shiloh back inside seeing what kind of stuff was in all her eggs.

Had to get one picture of her in an Easter hat.

Then it was time for Shiloh’s first costume change. Into a pretty purple and green dress.

I had Shiloh sit down and look up towards me. Also snapped a picture of Kevin. I couldn’t get him to sit on the floor and look up towards me.

Then Shiloh moved over by the window and started playing with bubbles.

Then it was time for Shiloh’s next costume change. I didn’t know I would be doing bridal shots, but her 3rd dress looks like a little wedding dress. (The second one of these is my favorite of her in this dress)

The dress was very detailed. Roger did not want to participate in our photo shoot, so he hid behind Shiloh.

I asked Shiloh to open her eyes really wide. And boy did she. I guess I should be careful what I ask for. We also got one shot out on the deck in the outside light.

Hey, look, some adults. Ga and Gramps at the table after dinner.

Then Cole finally showed up.

Him and Shiloh were off to fight “bad guys.”

Then some pictures more pictures of Cole. He does not take direction nearly as well as Shiloh. In fact, he doesn’t really even look at me when I say his name. I guess he was too busy getting the ‘bad guys.’

“Hey, the bad guy is over there!”

“Let’s Go!”

They found the ‘bad guy.’ Shiloh gives me a look as if to say “Of course we found the bad guy!”

And that is all folks. It was a fun day.
© kro photography 2010