2011 photo of the day : day 103

Not too much going on today. I worked and took care of the patient. Though, he didn’t really need too much caring for. He napped for a lot of the day, and overall is doing quite well. Felt like being different today. I took a picture of some cup my parents gave to us as a house warming gift. They go with the fancy espresso machine they got us (one of those Nespresso machines that use the pre-packed little plastic cups of coffee and are super easy to use and clean, which is the only way I could do it. And the espresso tastes delicious and it way cheaper than going to Starbucks or something). I have been enjoying espressos in the morning and for an afternoon pick me up (I am a telecommuter and work from home). Anyway, saw the colorful cups sitting on the counter and decided to take a picture. Then, I played around with the processing of it quite a bit. And this is the result.

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