2011 photo of the day : day 212

Another day hanging with the family at my grandparents house. For my photo of the day I chose a picture of Mackenzi and Jada playing out by the trees because they just look like they are having so much fun.

Of course, I took a lot more pictures.

Carrie and my grandma enjoying some oysters.

Aunty Denise and my mom.

Ed serves up oysters while Jada just relaxes.

Getting the salmon ready while Jackie brings gramps outside for dinner.

Jada and Macki just being kids.

Shiloh comes to the party, but she is being shy, so Jessie has to hold her still so I can take her picture.

Shiloh finally agreed to pose for me.

She even makes funny faces.

So does Jada.

And I thought this one would look good in black and white.

Lucas has a way with the girls....

Group Photo Time! Line up everyone.

In this one Jackie is showing us her best side.

They even made me get in one of the photos.

Indoor group shots. A little more challenging.

Something is funny.


Aunty Denise.

Heading out to say some good byes.



2011 photo of the day : day 211

Today I spend the day at my grandparent’s house. In addition to all the usual suspects, we had family in from out of state. It was a nice day visiting with everyone, and, as always, a nice dinner. My photo of the day is my cousin’s son Cole. He is just too cute. Took lots of pictures of everyone else too.

Hannah and Samantha.



Krissy and Mackenzi. Roger, Kris, Cole and the girls.

Shelly and Lynn. I think Lynn is trying to flip me off....

Lynn and Carrie.


The paparazzi were everywhere.


Rob and Jackie. Don't they look so innocent...

Ed is the Oyster Man.

I don't think Hannah likes the oysters.

Carrie and Bill

My grandma and carrie enjoying some oysters.

Cole thinks the clams are funny.

Marie and my grandpa.

Kris and Cole hang out on the deck and Kevin finally shows up.

My grandma and Marie having a nice conversation on the deck.

Unlce Rob

Marie wants a little bit more.

Diane made some lovely cake pops. Cole likes them.

Cole is Samuari Jack with his glow stick.

Steph waves goodbye as her and Rob head home.
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