2012 photo of the day :: day 31

Nutty just hanging out by the fire.


2012 photo of the day :: day 30

We are dog sitting Pete again. Shortly after I took this picture he decided he was afraid of my camera. I have not been able to get another good picture of him since.


2012 photo of the day :: day 28

Some flowers I bought myself.


2012 photo of the day :: day 27

Lava lamp. This was my great grandmothers… it has been around quite awhile.


2012 photo of the day :: day 26

Sunshine! Finally got some sunshine. I love it. We worked outside stacking some wood today. I was standing under this tree and saw the sunshine streaming through the needles, so I just had to take a picture.


2012 photo of the day :: day 25

Fire! A picture of the inside of our wood stove insert that I snapped before loading some more wood. I was careful not to get my camera too close. It was so hot. But I love the wood heat.


2012 photo of the day :: day 24

So, it was an icky rainy day. I took a picture of some rain drops on the window. Processed the picture with colors to make it more exciting.


2012 photo of the day :: day 23

A picture of the always hard to photograph miss Nutty.


2012 photo of the day :: day 22

Pretty Molly dog. She has been enjoying the snow quite a bit and I am sure she is sad to see it melting away. Here she is just hanging downstairs (that is where the wood stove insert is) with us. She is lit up by the pretty window light.


2012 photo of the day :: day 21

My little poser boy. Looking handsome as ever (at least I think so, but I may be biased).


2012 photo of the day :: day 20

So, the snow will be leaving us soon as it started raining today. Leaving us only after it turns into a slushy mess of course. While it was raining, it was still freezing outside. I could tell because the rain was blown against the windows by the wind, where it froze to create a sheet of ice on the window. This is a picture of a tree in our front yard as seen through the sheet of ice on my office window. As a side note, today was a year since my back surgery. I still have some pain in my back (losing a bit of weight and getting in better shape would help), but it has been night and day since my surgery.


2012 photo of the day :: day 19

Colored ice balls. This, for some reason, is something I have wanted to do when it is freezing outside for awhile, but I always forget. This time I didn’t. I took some balloons, put some food coloring inside them, filled them with water and then put them out on our deck over night. Then, today, I had colored balls of ice when I took off the balloons. I thought they were pretty neat so I took a picture of them on our deck rail. Not really sure what else to do with them.


2012 photo of the day :: day 18

Hummingbird! We have a hummingbird that always hangs around. If the feeder is empty or not up there he comes up to the window and stares us down. During this stretch of winter weather and super cold temperatures, the feeder kept freezing up. So, every couple hours we would thaw is out and put it back out there. I am sure he appreciated it. I don’t know how he survived when the weather was in single digits (negative when you consider wind chill). But, survive he did. I am happy to report he survived the coldness and we have seen him happily eating from the feeder since it warmed up.


2012 photo of the day :: day 17

A panorama of our winter wonderland. Taken from the deck off our kitchen.


2012 photo of the day :: day 16

Today we went for a walk and then built a snowman. It was snowing so much while we were outside. It was nothing short of awesome. And I haven’t built a snowman in awhile, so that was super fun as well.


2012 photo of the day :: day 15

SNOW!!! We finally got some snow. We didn’t really get any/much the last 2 winters, so it was nice to see a bunch of snow today. Our dog, Molly, loves the snow. She is about 10 years old now, but she runs around like a puppy when there is snow on the ground (does the same thing on sandy beaches). While running in the snow, she loves to dip her head down and scoop up snow in her mouth to eat. The result is her face is usually covered in snow, and her tongue is out in about half the pictures I took of her. I did get some nicer ones, where she is smiling and doesn’t have her tongue sticking out, but this one just made me laugh, so I choose it for my photo of the day.


2012 photo of the day :: day 14

The dude giving me the evil eye. Guess he wasn’t in the mood to pose for me today.


2012 photo of the day :: day 13

This is a picture of some makeup from Santa. It has various eye shadows, blushes and lip color.


2012 photo of the day :: day 12

Ewok. Dr. Suess Character. Something out of Narnia. These are the words that have been used to describe what I look like wearing this hat. That is okay. I don’t mind being compared to those things. I like my hat. It is warm and comfortable and different. I brought it from somebody who sells them at the Pike Place Market (in Seattle).


2012 photo of the day :: day 11

Shattered. This a picture our downstairs sliding glass door… after it caught a rock from the lawnmower. We lost a pane of glass on half the door. So sad. Especially given that they are costly to fix or replace. At least a got a photo of the day out of it.


2012 photo of the day :: day 10

When we bought our house (in March) we started a remodel of the master bedroom. We are still working on it (it sat for quite awhile without any work being done due to availability of his brother in law, who is doing the work). For the last couple days we have been painting the room (carpet goes in next). So, today, here is a picture of a paint roller. The color we are painting is a light gray (called Secret Passage).


2012 photo of the day :: day 9

Santa brought me a Nook reader this year. The black and white (e-ink) Nook Simple Touch. I love it for reading books. I just decided that I wanted to load some of my own pictures onto it for the screensaver. Loaded some I have taken, and previous featured as a photo of the day, of the pets. Here is what it looks like with the picture of Nutty.


2012 photo of the day :: day 8

We put a wood stove insert in our basement fireplace. It is so nice having wood heat. We hang out downstairs all the time now. The cats also love the wood stove (the fluffy dog, not so much). One thing about having a wood stove is that you spend a lot of time, splitting, stacking and bringing wood inside. Here is a picture of the bucket we have to keep wood inside. Felt like an appropriate thing to take a picture of today.


2012 photo of the day :: day 7

The Dude loves to be on this ottoman in front of the wood stove. I love it when he curls up in the middle so that, from above, it looks like a circle in a circle. I have been waiting for him to do it, while my camera was nearby since I began this project this year. He finally did it today. I had to stand on a stool and hold my camera way up in the air and snap photos without looking through the viewfinder. Glad I got some that were in focus. Later I went to my grandparents to celebrate their 61st anniversary (which was on the 5th), by eating lots of Chinese food and delicious deserts. It was a good day.


2012 photo of the day :: day 6

Picture today is a little rubber ducky that Santa left in my stocking. He is one of those stress relieving toys, so you can squeeze him and his head bulges out. Entertaining and he looks cute on my desk.


2012 photo of the day :: day 5

The Dude. Again. He is sitting on the foot rest in front of our wood stove. One of his favorite places.


2012 photo of the day :: day 4

Decided to try and take a picture of Nutty today. She is not quite so cooperative with the posing as Dude is. In fact, it almost seems like she is intentionally trying to prevent me from getting a good picture. She will wait until I get the focus locked in and then just as I am hitting the shutter she will turn her head. This picture is actually the first frame I took. After that, she knew what I was up to and kept moving or turning her head. My Nutty girl.


2012 photo of the day :: day 3

Over Christmas my grandmother gave me some old family photos on some Kodak Ektachrome and Agfachrome slides to have converted to digital pictures. I saw the box today and thought I would hold one up to a light source and take a picture. This is one held in front of our window. I think they pictures are from early to mid 1960’s. Now that I remembered about them I will have to see about having them converted to digital format the proper way, but for the purposes of my photo of the day project I liked this.


2012 photo of the day :: day 2

Today’s offering is a close up picture of a lamp that we recently purchased. There are 3 goosenecks that have aluminum “pom pom” shades. We put red light bulbs in the lamp to make it more of a background light. I thought the shades would make an interesting picture, and since I am still getting used to doing this photo of the day thing again and went almost all day without taking a picture, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take a picture of them.


2012 photo of the day :: day 1

I’m back! My 2011 photo of the day project sort of fell apart at the end of August (I did however successfully complete a photo of the day project for 2010). I definitely needed a break, but I really have missed photo of the day. So, I am back for 2012. We are having a nice relaxing New Year’s Day. We are hanging out with the critters, sitting by the wood stove and watching TV. Not a bad day in my opinion. I took a picture of the dude. I think he has missed posing for the camera. I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to 2012.

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