2011 photo of the day : day 148

There has been a log truck load sitting in front of my grandparents house for way too long, just waiting to be sawed and chopped up for firewood. So, a Wood Chopping even was organized, to get everyone in the family to come and help with the saw, chopping, moving and stacking. We were promised bratwurst and hotdogs in exchange for helping. Even with all the people helping, of which there were many, it was a lot of work. My photo of the day today is a pile of wood. It was a big portion of my day.

Here are the pictures of the actual work. I took lots of pictures, but I did do some work as well. I swear. Even though you can’t tell from my pictures. I am sure someone else has a picture of me working.

Jeff operates the log splitter and Tom saws up logs.

Jo prepping logs for Jeff to split.

Tom saws up more logs while Roger gives the ax a swing.

Hannah and Jada try to keep up with Cole. Not an easy task!

Shelly says “What the heck are you doing taking pictures? Get back to work!” (Actually, I have no idea what she was saying, but that seemed like it fit the picture).

Boy Kris and Girl Kris.

Rob drives the John Deere with the trailer. First he is happy, then he is sad.

Krissy and Diane chatting. I don’t Krissy liked having her photo taken.

Kris and Lucas loading the trailer with wood.

Roger checks out Denise’s chainsaw.

Tom is still sawing!

Lucas loads 2 at a time!

Jeff is still operating the log splitter.

Lots of people.

Lots of chainsawing going on.

Roger and Tom discuss something.

Roger is having too much fun on his excavator.

Lynn and Lucas having an amusing conversation… and I think there is something wrong with Krissy’s arm.

Roger uses the excavator to lift the log and Tom saws it up. Pretty smooth operation.

Denise is trying to find a good log to saw. That looks like a good one.

Denise goes in for the kill. Ga also helps load some wood.

Lucas swings the ax.

Denise in a sea of logs.

Quite the production.

How’s the back Lynn? I bet many people were walking around like that the next day. I know I was!

Shiloh says she doesn’t want to chop wood. No way! She would rather eat her Swedish Fish.

Logs, logs, logs!

Jessie got her pretty sweatshirt dirty. Must be from carrying those logs.

Jeff operates the log splitter. Jessie and Tom load the truck.

Jeff and Lynn splitting logs.

Roger is working hard. Jada is running around.

Shelly and Patty stack wood in the shed.

Lucas and Olivia take a leisurely stroll.

Shelly loads the wood. Just close your eyes and hope that it lands in the trailer.

Shelly and Patty loading wood. More of the close your yes method.

Michelle and Jo stack logs.

Uncle Rob drives off with a load of wood for stacking.

Michelle and Ric carry logs.

Tom splits logs while Roger watches and Michelle strikes a pose. Who says you can’t look cute while you work?

Krissy decides to take a turn with the ax. She swings it high up in the air.

And brings it down on the log. Her verdict after the fact was that the ax is broken because it didn’t split the log (funny that it has worked for other people….).

The wood stackers get a ride back and I manage to catch a quick snap of Macki.

Jo hands Jessie a log and Olivia helps load the wood.

Look! Jackie helps too, even though she only has 1 arm. Jada tries to catch a ride on the log truck.

Jackie and Shelly having entirely too much fun. Nobody should be that happy while working this hard. I just think it is because they knew we were almost done.

After all the wood was sawed, chopped, loaded, moved and stacked, it was time to have dinner and some fun.

Olivia and Shiloh being goofy.

Grandpa and Ga at the table after dinner.

The girls get ready to shoot the party poppers.

Jessie sure knows how to accessorize.

Goofy girls!

Everyone wants to pick up Shiloh. She is having so fun (her words).

Shiloh doing something and then being a SCARY MONSTER (I was almost too scared to take the picture).

Jada and Macki just hanging out in the tree.

Someone put a smoke ball in the fire pit.

Shiloh thinks it stinks!

Uncle Rob starts a real fire.

Shiloh made me take a picture of this garden gnome. Shiloh then modeled some football gear.

And that is it. We worked hard and managed to have some fun. Afterwards we ate a wonderful dinner. All in all, it was a good day.
© kro photography 2010