2011 photo of the day : day 104

Today, when I woke up the window and looked outside, do you know what I saw? Snow. That is right. It was snowing. I doubled checked the calendar and it does say April, so I was a bit confused. It didn’t last for long, however, and soon became the good old rain we know and love here in the Western Washington Springs. Jeff is in a bit more pain today, but, overall, the recovery process is still going well. I had fun yesterday taking and processing the picture of the cups in the kitchen. So, today, I went back to the kitchen to see what else I could photograph. I decided to take a picture of my knife holder that I got from my friend Melanie many years ago. I know it is a bit odd, some say morbid, but I think it is funny. And it is always a conversation starter when people come to our house for the first time.

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